What do your guests expect from your luxury hotel?

The rise of high class and wealthy people has led to development of luxury hotels all around the world. Even though the word luxury has been overused by many, it still holds its value. If you own a luxury hotel, there are several standards you have to live up to.  People will expect you o provide excellent services every time they stay over at the hotel. The standards for luxury hotels apply for both 5 star and four start hotels that describe themselves as luxurious.

Here is a list of things client expect from your luxury hotel

The booking process should be easy

A lot of hotels have complicated booking systems that throw off the guests as first sight. Remember, your clients are paying big money to stay n your hotel. The reservation process should be generally easy.  it does not matter whether the client is applying for the hotel through your website of by direct phone call, they should not have to struggle.  Nobody wants to spend long lines at the check in and out of a hotel. Having to wait on a line is exhausting and may lose you your clientele.

Customers want to get the room they wanted or booked

If your clients are assigned for a room, they should get exactly that. Changing the rooms at the last minute will make your guests look unimportant and you may lose your clients in the long run.  a luxury hotel should accommodate the guests depending on the physical location, special classification, hotel room floor and number of furniture in the room.

Get them all the nice features

 If your client is paying for an expensive stay at your hotel, you should get them the best room.  The features in a hotel will determine if the room is luxurious or not.  The guest should love design of the room, furnishing and other touches as soon as they walk in. It should be far away from the elevator or any kind of noise.  One of the top furnishings of a luxurious hotel is a comfortable king sized bed.  Other items that should be present in that kind of room include an AC/system, a full length mirror, coffee maker, safe, radio, Wi-Fi, bottled water and a mini fridge with snacks.

The bathroom should be clean and modern

There is something about a clean designer bathroom that screams luxurious. If you do not have a big bathroom with a modern design in your hotel then is it even luxurious? Marble floor and walls make the bathroom beautiful and modern.  Guests will appreciate unchipped counters, a big tub,  a good water pressure, temperatures control, prestige toiletries and good soap. Those are just few of the things that make your bathroom more luxurious.

Impeccable service

Your guests should always feel valued when they stay in your luxurious hotel. Small actions like greeting and smiling at your guests can go a long way. The housekeeping should be quiet and work at consistent hours. they should also avoid coming into contact with anything that belongs to the guests.

Author: sadfish134