Hidden hotel feel to look out for

Luxury hotels have been around for quite some time. As people get richer and the standards of living begin to rise, so does the price of staying in a luxury hotel. In the past,  it was cheaper to rent a luxury hotel room. This is because you only had to pay the amount of money listed as the cost during advertisement.  There was nothing like unexpected bills and unusual payments. Today, the hidden fees on a hotel room have been normalised.  An affordable luxury room in a hotel may cost you more than the advertised price. Usually, the hotel will charge you for basic services and amenities you did not know will cost you. to avoid the overpayment, there are several things you should watch out for.

Here are some common services with hidden fee we should watch out for

The resort fee

This can be considered as the most deceptive fees when it comes to luxury hotels. It is deceptive dies to its mandatory state and yet excluded from the hotel room rate. This means that you will not see the resort fee while you are booking the room. The thing about resort fee is that they can double what you have to pay at the end of your stay in the hotel.  This practice is very common in major tourist destinations and cities with luxurious hotels. How does it work? the hotel staff will give you  a list of services that the payment is supposed to cover and you will have to clear the payments as long as you stayed in that hotel.

 Housekeeping fee

Apparently, housekeeping fee is now a thing. Gone are the days where people used to book a luxurious hotel and everything was provided for free. Now, you have to tip the housekeeping every time they come to clean your room.  Some luxurious hotels have a separate housekeeping fee that you have to pay with the total bill. The truth it, you have already included that fee when you paid to stay in the hotel for the given period of time.

 Parking fees

Nowadays, it is definitely a bad idea to take your car to a luxurious hotel.  Leaving it in the hotel parking will probably cost you a lot more than you should pay. Some hotels call it the unattended parking fee. It will cost you well over 100 dollars extra a nigh just to park the vehicle in the hotel. Some hotels go to the extent of including a parking fee in the main cost. It does not matter if you went there by car or not, you are still going to make the payments.

Early check out and early check- in fee

Imagine being charged more for checking out of your hotel room too early? It sounds ridiculous. In the real sense, the hotel should be charging you less because you are not going to spend any more time in the hotel room.


If you are travelling for work, you will need lots of internet. The problem is, the cost of the Wi-Fi is never included in the hotel room cost before reservation. In the end, you will end up paying a lot more than you had planned to. Make sure you check out all the fees in a hotel and enquire about other costs before you make a reservation.

Author: sadfish134